Phrasal Verbs / Group Verbs

Phrasal Verbs / Group Verbs

1. Abide by (adhere to; accept): We shall abide by the referee’s decision.
2. Act after (act according to): You must act after your own mind.
3. Act against (work against): We should not act against national interests.

4. Act for (act on behalf of): The lawyer acted for the accused. 

5. Act on or upon (carry out; effect): His instructions were immediately acted upon.

6. Act Up to (behave in accordance with): She always acts up to wishes.

7. Answer back (give a rude answer): Rahim asked me the question impolitely and I answered him back.

8. Answer for (suffer because of): They will have to answer for their wrong doing one day.

9. Answer to (acts as the result of): The illness did not answer to medical tteatment.

10. Apply to ( concerns; be relevant to): These rules do not apply to this case.

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