Free Practice Set History

Free Practice Set History

1. Who granted the permission to be establish the first British factory at Hooghly in Bengal ?

     A) Sha Shuja
     B) Murshid Quli Khan
     C) Shujauddin
     D) Alivardi Khan

Answer is A)
Sha Shuja

2. Which of the British officials defeated portugueses at slowlley ?
     A) William Hawkins
     B) Thomas Best
     C)  Thomas Roe
     D)  Josiah child

Answer is B)
Thomas Best

3. Which on of the following was in NOT a French settlement in India ?
     A) Pondicherry
     B) Mahe
     C) Goa
     D) Chandranagar

Answer is C)

4. The administration of the English East India company in India came to end of ____
     A) 1857
     B) 1858
     C) 1862
     D) 1893

Answer is B)

5. During the Mughal period which one of the following traders first came to India ?
     A) Portuguese
     B) English
     C) Dutch
     D) Danish

Answer is B)

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