English Synonyms

English Synonyms

  • Synonyms of  Ability : Aptitude, Capability, Capacity, Competency, Efficiency, Force, Might, Power, Potency, Skill, Talent.
  •  Synonyms of Abject : Base, Debased, Degraded, Despicable, Dirty, Ignoble, Low, Mean, Miserable, Resigned, Servile, Scummy, Scurvy, Worthless.
  • Synonyms of Abjure : Abandon, Discard, Disclaim, Disown, Forgo, Forswear, Reject, Recant, Resile, Renounce, Withdraw.
  • Synonyms of Able : Adequate, Capable, Clever, Competent, Efficient, Expert, Good, Powerful, Proficient, Sagacious, Strong.
  • Synonyms of Ablution : Bathing, Cleaning, Purification, Washing.
  • Synonyms of Abnormal : Devious, Eccentric, Erratic, Exceptional, Irregular, Peculiar, Strange, Unusual.
  • Synonyms of Abode : Domicile, Dwelling, Habitation, Home, House, Residence,.

  • Synonyms of Abolish : Abate, Annul, Cance, Destroy, End, Eradicate, Overthrow, Remove, Void.
  • Synonyms of Abolition : Destruction, Prohibition, Repeal, Revolution.
  • Synonyms of Abomination : Abuse, Annoyance, Aversion, Curse, Disgust, Hatred, Offense, Shame.
  • Synonyms of  Abominable : Bad, Criminal, Disgusting, Foul, Hateful, Immoral, Infamous, Offensive, Shocking, Vile.
  • Synonyms of Abominate : Abhor, Detest, Dislike, Hate, Loathe.
  • Synonyms of Aboriginal : Indigenous, Natal, Native, Original, Primary, Primeval, Primitive.
  • Synonyms of Abortive : Empty, Fruitless, Futile, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Profitless, Unavailing, Useless, Vain.
  • Synonyms of Abound : Flourish, Flow, Luxuriate, Overflow, Stream, Swarm, Swell.
  • Synonyms of Abounding : Abundant, Ample, Enough, Overflowing, Plentiful, Profuse, Sufficient.
  • Synonyms of About : Approximately, Nearly, Roughly, With respect to.
  • Synonyms of Above : On, Over, Overhead, Upon.
  • Synonyms of Above board : Artless, Candid, Fair, Frank, Honest, Innocent, Open, Simple, Sincere, Truthful.
  • Synonyms of Abreast : Against, Aligned, Alongside, Beside.
  • Synonyms of Abridge : Abbreviate, Compress, Condense, Contract, Lessen, Reduce, Restrict, Shorten.
  • Synonyms of Abridgement : Abbreviation, Abstract, Digest, Precis, Summary, Synopsis.

  • Synonyms of Abrogate : Abolish, Annul, Cancel, End, Nullify, Repeal, Revoke, Terminate.
  • Synonyms of Abrupt : Bluff, High, Precipitous, Sharp, Sheer.
  • Synonyms of Abscond : Decamp, Depart, Disappear, Flee, Leave, Retire, Retreat.
  • Synonyms of Absent : Abstracted, Distrait, Inattentive, Indifferent, Negligent, Thoughtless.

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