English Idioms

Directions: Bring out the meaning of the idioms:

1. You have to be tactful in handling the sensitive matters rather then putting the cart before the hours.
(a) treating these indifferently
(b) behaving thought Lesly
(c) dealing with these in haste
(d) tackling these in the wrong way
2. The boys cried with one voice that the examination should be postponed.
(a) unanimously
(b) vehemently
(c) loudly
(d) strongly
3. The scheme appears worthless a the first blush.
(a) first attempt
(b) first sight
(c) first step
(d) first phase
4. His pronunciation was so bad and his voice so low that the speech he made was all Greek to me.
(a) strange
(b) incomprehensible
(c) inaudible
(d) uninteresting
5. Though he is not a scholar, the wins arguments because he has the gift of the gab.
(a) gifts from many people
(b) a lot of money
(c) a talent for speaking
(d) a good memory
6. Though Indian forces got success in Kargil, they burnt their boats   and launched a suicidal attack on the enemy tanks.
(a) to do the work with zeal
(b) to destroy at its very beginning
(c) to stake everything on success
(d) to endure the major stress
7. He has to go abroad. He wants to clear his extra stock of things and has tried to sell them for a song.
(a) to detect something wrong
(b) to calculate something in one’s favor
(c) to sell very cheaply
(d) to sell dearly
8. They are all at sixes and sevens.
(a) in groups of sixes and sevens
(b) in disagreement
(c) playing a game
(d) in disorder
9. He failed miserably in the competitive examination as he had worked for it by fits and starts.
(a) finally
(b) hastily
(c) irregularly
(d) impulsively
10. Fast bowling is the Achilles’ heel of Indian Cricket.
(a) major factor
(b) satisfactory element
(c) weak point
(d) cause of failure
Answers: 1. d   2. a   3. b    4. b    5. c    6. c    7. c    8. d    9. c    10. b

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