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  • General Knowledge of Geography

    General Knowledge of Geography

    • Source of Himalaya is - Tethys Geosyncline.
    • Western Region of India is famous for which cultivation? - Cotton.
    • NEFA was the old name of- Arunachal Pradesh.
    • Which ore is known as the white ore? - Muscovite.
    • Which doab lies between Beas and Sutlej? - Bist doab.

    • Which is the smallest island of Lakshadweep ? -Bitra island.
    • Black revolution is related with - Crude Oil.
    • Rain Fall in winter season in Punjab and Jammu Kashmir is caused by - Western disturbances.
    • Which country is the 2nd largest paddy producer state ? -India.
    • Which state is the maximum user of chemical fertilizer ? - Punjab.
    • Forest research institute of Indiais located at -dehradun.
    • Which district of West Bengla has the highest Male literecy rate ? Purba Medinipur.
    • "Majuli" river island is located on which river ? -Bramhaputra.
    • 'Aditya' is a high yeilding varity of - Paddy.
    • 'Padu' is the name of shifting cultivation in which State? -Andhra Pradesh.

    • "Chenna" is the name of shifting cultivation in which country ?- Srilanka.
    • Central Arid zone research institute is located at -Jodhpur
    • The soils which are rich in Calcium are known as -Pedocals.
    • Which of the following is a Biological method of soil conservation ?-Contour farming.
    • 'Terra rossa' is a Latin word which means- Red terrain.
    • Pedalfers soils are- Aluminium and iron accumulating soils in humid environments.

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