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  • General Knowledge for Competitive Exam Geography

    General Knowledge for Competitive Exam Geography

    1. Which shipyards builds ships for Indian navy - Cochin Shipyard.

    2. The study of lakes is called - Limonology.

    3. Where is Bhabaha atomic research centre - Chennai.
    4. Kanchenjunga national park is located in- Sikkim.

    5. Where is Panchmari biosphere reserve located- Madhya Pradesh .

    6. Where is Kanha national park- Madhya Pradesh.
    7. World's only floating National park is located in - Manipur.

    8. Where is world's only floating natonal park "Keibul Lamjao"- Manipur.

    9. Where is Nagarhole National Park- Karnataka.

    10. Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary is famous for- Tiger.

    11. Total number of biosphere reserve in India are - 18.

    12. Rain forests in INdia are found in - North-eastern Himalaya and western ghat.

    13. Shivpuri national park of Madhya Pradesh is famous for which of the following - Leopard and spotted deer.

    14. When was the first biosphere reserve established in India - Nilgiri.

    15. "Central India Teak" is an example of - Moist deciduous forest.

    16. Which is a commonly founded plant in tropical deciduous forest - Orchid.
    17. Where is the "Willow" of the cricket bat derived from - Mountain forest.

    18. Resin is a product of which of the following -Coniferous trees.

    19. Kugti wildlife sanctuary is located in which of the following states- Himachal Pradesh.

    20. Which city is the centre for manufacturing of penicillin - Pimpari.

    21. In which cities, Hindustan machine and tool industry is located - Bengaluru.

    22. Talcher is important for which of the following- Heavy water plant.

    23. In which states, fertilizer complex "Paradip phosphate lit" is located - Orissa.

    24. Which organizaton composes Topographic map of India - Survey of India.

    25. Eastern coastal plain is also named as - Coromandal plains.

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