10 idioms with their meanings and sentences

10 idioms with their meanings and sentences

Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase in bold type.

1. He works by fits and starts.
(a) consistently
(b) irregularly
(c) in high spirits
(d) enthusiastically
2. Honesty is at a discount, where corruption is the rule.
(a) discouraged
(b) rare
(c) undervalued
(d) unknown
3. I want none of your back-chat.
(a) impertinent remarks
(b) complaints
(c) trenchant criticism
(d) pleasing remarks
4. The police are used to seeing the seamy side of life.
(a) an adventurous life
(b) a life full of risks
(c) immoral aspects of society
(d) criminal society
5. There was opposition to the new policy by the rank and file of the Government.
(a) the majority
(b) the ordinary members
(c) the cabinet members
(d) the official machinery
6. The robbery was committed in the wee hours of the day. 
(a) after midnight
(b) at dawn
(c) at noontime
(d) in the evening


7. They sold their house because it was a real white elephant.
(a) an expensive one
(b) a big one
(c) a useless one
(d) a rare find
8. This report calls in question all previous research on the subject.
(a) recalls
(b) criticizes
(c) challenges
(d) takes note of
9. He knew she was dead but was completely at sea about the cause of her death.
(a) anxious
(b) confused
(c) ignorant
(d) certain
10. He is a queer fish, I have failed to understand him.
(a) funny person
(b) sensitive person
(c) strange person
(d) quarrelsome person
Answers: 1.b  2.a  3.c  4.c  5.b  6.b  7.c  8.c  9.b  10.c

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